How Disgusting!

I picked up an extra shift on Tuesday night.  It went decently and I made some much-needed cash.  Except…there was one thing that made me almost vomit.

Table 42 left their used dental floss on the table.  It was not conveniently on a plate so I didn’t have to touch it, either; they left it all hidden under napkins.  I unknowingly snatched up all the trash so I could pile it on the dirty plates and send it to DishLand.  Imagine my disgust when I grabbed about a half-dozen strands of obviously used floss and the bits of slimy food and plaque stuck to my fingers.

I choked down a shriek and held down the vomit threatening to erupt at any moment.  I washed my hands over and over and still felt so unclean.  I felt like my hands would never be clean again.

I thought I had it bad but when I told Alex, another server, about it…he said he has a table of regulars who are diabetics.  Those people leave their USED SYRINGES on the table when they leave!  Not capped and “safe”, mind you…needles exposed and everything.  Talk about a biohazard.

Are servers and/or busboys so lowly that you think it’s okay to leave objects contaminated with your bodily fluids and chewed up food mush for us to clean up?  USE THE GODDAMN TRASH CAN OR TAKE IT WITH YOU!  At the very least, hand it to me wrapped up in a napkin and WARN me what it is, for God’s sake!

And I can’t help but wonder…did these people floss their teeth at the damn table??  They sure didn’t do it in the bathroom because they would have had to walk past three trashcans before bringing the floss from the bathroom to the table.

Flossing at the table is GROSS, and so is leaving your nastiness on the table when you leave.


Handsome man flossing

You could be this guy and it would STILL be gross to floss at the table.


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6 responses to “How Disgusting!

  1. Once I had a woman with a gushing bloody nose refuse to leave the table and clean up in the restroom even though her dining companions looked like they were going to hurl all over the table. Confronted with cleaning up blood AND vomit, I finally told her she HAD to go to the restroom to get herself in order. As they were leaving I noticed a heap of bloody napkins still on the table. I caught them at the register, handed them a trash bag and told them to clean up their mess. I didn’t give a shit about a tip or possibly losing my job, I was NOT going to wallow around in her inconsiderate bloody mess.

  2. moi

    i am alway wary of things hidden under napkins, placemats, etc. i saw a feminine pad and a pregnancy test once! Used! After that I always use a pair of rubber gloves heavy duty like the ones used for weldwork. No joke!

  3. breadsticks

    That’s disgusting! It’s like the people who leave their gnawed-on rib bones or wing bones all over the table. Wtf, I gave you a plate to put that on. I don’t wanna pick that crap up with my bare hands.

  4. OMG that is just vile. VILE! I used to get people spitting out their chewing gum in our store. Children’s designer clothing. The kind of place where the only gum chewers were adults! I swear it is my absolute worst thing, I would rather step in dog crap than step on gum. It beggars belief how people behave when they leave their homes…

  5. Emily

    Omg. I’m a type 1 diabetic myself, and I would NEVER leave my pen needles on the table, capped or not.

  6. rokkinrobbin13

    ….I swept up toenail clippings today after a party… TOENAIL CLIPPINGS… WHO CUTS THEIR TOENAILS DURING LUNCH FOR SOMEONE ELSE TO CLEAN UP??? And it was a party of 14… the clippings where the teenage girls were sitting.. UGH GAG

    That is so nasty. What the fuck?

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