Tip Your Maid

I learned something new today.  When you stay at a hotel, you should tip your maid!

Of course, I haven’t stayed in a hotel in the States since before I had a job of my own, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that I didn’t know.  The last time I stayed at a hotel was in another country, and it was a very expensive B&B.  We made our own bed most days and tried to keep things tidy, since staying in another person’s home and knowing that your host is doing the cleaning feels different than a more impersonal hotel where the faceless, invisible maid fairy visits your room while you’re away.

Anyway, to get to the point, I was Stumbling and came across a “things the maid won’t tell you” article, written by a hotel maid.  Apparently, a few people leave change as a tip.  Yeah, pocket change.  For cleaning their room, which is often a disaster because people are disgusting pigs.  And the maid went on to say that she got verbal tips like, “your job builds character,” after the guest watched her clean every inch of the room.  What the fuck?  That’s not a tip, that’s a condescending comment from the mouth of an asshole.

If I ever stay in a hotel in the States again (which is unlikely), I will be sure to leave more than pocket change as a tip, perhaps with a little note to assure the maid that it is, in fact, for her.  I hate seeing service workers get stiffed, and I do my best not to be one of “those assholes.”

maid making a bed

I bet her job is more thankless than my own.


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3 responses to “Tip Your Maid

  1. I used to never tip and my daughter asked why. I told her it was because I couldn’t be sure the person who gave me such a clean room would get it.

    “No, you jackass, you are tipping the person who cleans up your disgusting mess.”

    Well. Duh.

    Now I always tip.

  2. The Penguin

    Having just come back from Hawaii, i was not sure about this. How ever, i met a lovely couple at a bar and asked them about how to tip the maid, they travel a lot and their advice was:

    You only tip on the day you exit, and you leave $5.00 per night you stayed.

    We were moving around a fair bit and was staying 3 nights at each place, so we just left a $20 beside the bed when we checked out of the room.

    The Penguin.

  3. Bagpuss

    Penguin, I was told you should tip each day, as it may not be the same person who cleans the room every day. It’s a good idea to leave the tip with a note saying ‘thank you’ s oit is clear that the money has been left as a tip.

    $2-$3 per bed per night is appropriate, more if the room has been left really messy or you’ve had other exceptiopnal service

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