Methinks I Made an Enemy Today

But unfortunately for you, I haven’t the energy to tell you.  Also, I think the tendonitis in my wrist has flared up again because it’s so stiff that I can only type at half speed.  Guess that means I get to break out the brace again.  Fuck me.

Check back tomorrow for the story.  Tonight was a sorry excuse for a dinner service in any restaurant, but especially BC.  Just to give you an inkling, we ran out of the following throughout the course of the night: Coke syrup, to-go bags, to-go boxes, bay scallops, ice, clean glasses, clean spoons, kid cups, and, as always happens on busy nights…fucking BREAD.  My patience was also a victim tonight.  May it rest in peace.


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6 responses to “Methinks I Made an Enemy Today

  1. I can’t use my left hand — a recurring RSI over the years but really bad for the past couple of weeks… All work related but I know from past experience w/my state none of it will be covered. All has to go thru my personal insurance.

    But dang…. It feels REALLY good when you get therapy for your hands and wrists from an Occupational therapist. It’s productive therapy, but it feels like a spa. My mom was an OC before she passed away. She used to help me before I had to pay for it.

    It’s worth paying for, if you use your hands, wrists and arms/elbows for your daily job.

    Please don’t wait. There is a point where it becomes permanent damage.

    If and when I can afford to, I would love to. Right now it’s not an option. But I will keep it in mind; sounds like something that would be good for me.

  2. We were out of everything too! On top of that, our onions got recalled, this is coming from a place that is known for a certain appetizer in which onions are fried to delicious fatness

    Jesus Christ. That’s like BC not having bread. Which almost happened on Friday because we ran out of flour. Someone had to run to the store and get some, so for a good while we were down bread with none in sight.

  3. mo

    We’re always out of stupid soup spoons and ramekins. And bread. The other day we ran out of the romaine lettuce for the cesar salads, so we have to use the mixed lettuce!!! It look liked vomit, I was embarrassed to serve it. But the managers insisted…

    We ran out of romaine too!! I forgot until I saw your post. And I guess it was on Thursday not Friday. But yeah. That’s nasty.

  4. lobsterbotess

    we ran out of Coconut Shrimp Shrimp or Sunday night at my BC..But not Walts fried jumbo shrimp or coconut bites…You feel stupid when the customer asks why can’t the chef dip the Walt’s battered shrimp in coconut…

    And then you have to explain that the coconut bites are already breaded, and so are the Walt’s….and then they don’t care and get irate. Yeah, fucking love that shit.

  5. DirrrtyD

    Not a shift has ever gone by between 4-4:30 where we haven’t called “down bread” for 20 minutes before it’s finally made. I understand MGMT cutting labor at 2, but servers and bartenders would appreciate someone getting off their ass and making sure bread is in the oven.

    I KNOW, RIGHT?? It’s our “signature item” but they don’t seem to care about making sure we have it during shift change.

    And don’t get me started on crab forks and ice. There was also a time when I was a full time closer and we would have to hide our next day silverware in booths so we didn’t have to roll after we were closed.

    We still do that to an extent. Since the service change with the SAs and all, we’ve found that everyone has to roll silverware at the end of the night even though we have a goddamn silverware roller that rolls in the morning. They like to make servers do the odds and ends for $2.13 an hour so they only have to pay the silverware roller minimum wage for half the time since half the silverware is already rolled.

    • Lobsterbotess

      why is it that BC managers do not get the fact that servers need the tools to serve; and if we have them during a rush there will be less comps and customer complaints?? Soup spoons/cocktail forks/steak knives should be constantly washed before anything else-ice bens always full-ice cream out and thawed- I once asked a manager to please get ice-I had done it 4 times in a row-I’m tiny and cant carry two buckets-He’s like “that’s a servers job now” we were in a mad cow crunch-pure chaos-and the lazy fuck could not get ice!!!WTF!!!

      Nowhere I have ever worked has ever understood this. Last year during Crabfest we were woefully understocked on crab crackers. How fucking embarrassing. Our dishwashers at least washed them as quickly as they could; at my new store, good fucking luck. Even if they get washed in a timely manner, they’re probably dirty and nasty unless the only good dishwasher is on shift – and he’s usually not. We’ve had to buy packs of ice from the Walgreens across the way because we constantly run out of ice. The fucking ACs don’t follow my mods so I have to check in the kitchen every few minutes to try to catch it before it goes out to the table wrong. Even if they do try to follow the mods, half of the time we’re out of ramekins or spoons or knives, and of course we’re out of goddamn to-go ramekins, so what the fuck are we supposed to put sauces in? What utensils are the customers supposed to receive to help them eat their food? Oh, and it’s the server’s responsibility to make and bring out crab setups…why?? We have ACs with all the tools RIGHT THERE, and SAs walk most of the food now, but neither of them will put crab setups on the tray, so inevitably the guests are sitting there watching their crab get cold because they don’t have tools or butter. WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK?

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