I’ve Had It with These Motherfucking Assholes Working in My Motherfucking Restaurant!

Jesus Effing Christ.  I haven’t had this much to bitch about since I worked at Chili’s.  The amount of disappointing shit at this store is steadily increasing, and people are being bigger idiots than ever.

Do you remember Sean?  Yeah, he’s a fucking dick.  He left me to close by myself on my first closing shift and guess what that asshole did tonight?  He was a closer and left half an hour before the store even closed.  Tell me, how are you going to close when you aren’t there at closing?  I wasn’t closing tonight, but I felt so bad for the other closer that I stayed and helped her.  So did another server.  We were all fucking pissed. Me especially, since I got there at 3:45, the first dinner shift person, and was next-to-last to leave.  Our closer left before 2 other employees and the other closer.  What the fucking fuck?  The two people who stayed are me and a server who worked a split (which meant she had been there all day), and we left after the people who had only worked a single shift (who had arrived between 4:45-5:45).  People get cut in this order: BDs (all days with no break), splits (all days with a break), and single shifts in order of arrival.  There is no fucking reason we should have been there past 9 pm, much less helping the front closer close the back of the restaurant because the back closer skipped out.

When he assigned back work he loaded us down like pack mules.  He would have had me do the entire salad bar and wash all the trays, large and small (about 50 total, and that’s a low estimate).  The other closer and another server saw my back work and bitched him out, demanding that he change it.  I was just going to do it and not bitch about it since I’m being a PMSing bitch right now and try to err on the side of being not bitchy, but once they said it was bullshit I felt okay agreeing.  If two others agreed with me, it probably wasn’t PMS.  So I ended up only doing salad bar, but let me explain why it was bullshit.

1) Salad bar is almost always split between two people because it is so much goddamn work.

2) Cleaning either part (top/bottom) of the salad bar takes at least 20 minutes, more if someone spilled dressing.  Which they did.

3) Salad bar is ALWAYS SPLIT BETWEEN TWO FUCKING PEOPLE!  It’s hard fucking work, the worst back work anyone can be assigned, and that’s why you only get one part.  Getting both is like getting royally fucked with a spikey sandpaper piranha.

I spent a fucking HOUR cleaning that goddamn salad bar AFTER my last table left.  Then I still had to clean my section.  It was only when I was cleaning my section at about 10:10 pm that the other closer told me Sean had left.  I threw my booklet on the floor.

“Are you fucking SERIOUS?  I’m talking to [manager] about this shit.  This is fucking bullshit.  He’s a goddamn closer!”

“I know.  I guess I have to go clean up the back since he left the salad bins, bev station, and dessert area undone.”

I felt so bad for her; I had been in that position before and it’s pure despair.  The split server was in the back trying to start cleaning that stuff up, and between the three of us we finished everything in about ten minutes.  Gee, imagine that — it’s easier when everyone pulls some weight!

All three of us were feeling quite mutinous about the whole situation.  I was going to speak with the manager about it, but the construction crew for the remodel was understandably holding her attention.  I told her I wanted to talk with her about something tomorrow and she said she’d be working.  Excellent, because this is bullshit and I’m not letting him get away with that again.  I hope he gets written up.  What sucks is, taking away the closing shifts doesn’t help the problem.  He gets what he wants and then everyone else had to work more closing shifts.  He needs to be made accountable for his shit.  Closing the store is a leadership position and he abuses it.  He needs to be supervised by a manager when he closes and made to do it right.


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11 responses to “I’ve Had It with These Motherfucking Assholes Working in My Motherfucking Restaurant!

  1. Cleaning up after your shift is just as much part of your job as doing the actual job, which would be taking orders and serving out all the food and drinks. Especially if you’re assigned to close up for that day. Dashing out on that, leaving your coworkers behind with the shit you’re responsible for? That’s just wrong.

    You say he’s abusing his leadership position but in reality I think he’s screwing himself over as much as you and all the nice people who now had to take care of his crap. I mean, with an attitude like his, who’s willing to do him a favour next time he needs it? You guys get fed up with him, and one way or another that’ll work against him.

    At the restaurant where I worked, I was usually the one to close up. More often than not I had one coworker with me to help me out. Sometimes I told them they could leave early, because it was a quiet night and I could handle stuff on my own. Sometimes they requested to leave early, because they had somewhere else to be; most of the time that was fine by me. And on those rare occasions that I had to be somewhere before closing time? I had built up so much credit with my coworkers that I could always find somebody to drag their asses over to the restaurant so that I could leave and they would close up after me.

    And I think that’s how you’re supposed to do it – leadership position or not, you hand out favours generously as much as you can, just because you’re part of the same team and you’re all in the same shit, and by helping your team mates out you also help yourself out. An additional bonus is that people are willing to do something back for you when you need it.

    People who abuse their so called power to get away from their chores and screw their team over, or people who /take/ the favours but never /do/ them back? Fuck them, fuck them hard, fuck them royally. I ain’t doing shit for them. This industry is like a professional sport (like you said in a recent post: you get your physical exercise just by working), and in what sports team is it okay for one of the players to just walk off the field in the middle of the game? You do that, next time you won’t be even /on/ the field. Asshole.

    Anyway, I guess what I’m saying is that I understand and feel your anger and frustration.

    Thanks. My issue with the leadership thing is that you wield some power as a closer, and as a closer you have an obligation to be as fair as possible. Hell, when I close I don’t have to do any backwork at all, but I choose to take on a full load just so that I don’t have to delegate more shit out to the other servers. I break down the bev station, clean the hokies, and clean the tray jacks. I assign out everything else, but between four servers (my normal closing crew) they still have a lot of shit to do. I take on what I can because I feel like they don’t need to do more work than the heavy load they already have.
    I think only a couple of people have ever realized that I do that, because the others bitch about how much they “always” have to do. I know they do less when I close than most of the other closers, and I have considered just making them do the shit I normally do…but I never will, and I’ll probably never call on a favor by reminding them what I do. The ones who appreciate it make it worth it for the most part. I wouldn’t start screwing them over because someone else is an ignorant twat.

    Thanks for your comment. I agree with you on freely giving favors. People notice and remember – at least, the ones worth a damn do. I stopped picking up shifts for people who never picked up shifts for me, because they took favors all day but never took a hit for me when I needed a favor.

    I’m talking with the manager about it when I go in to work today. I’m not going to let it slide. Part of the reason he left is because she didn’t do HER job by checking his work, so she’s culpable as well. The longer I work here the more I realize they don’t have their shit together like my old store did. I love my managers, but they don’t run a tight ship like I’m used to, and it ends up screwing me over time and time again.

  2. mo

    What is going on with sidework at your BC? At mine, they recently got rid of ALL sidework. Either the opener or the managers do it now. The only sidework closers have to do with break down coffee, iced tea, whatever. Which takes not even 10 minutes. I thought every BC did this now.

    I hated salad bar. That thing took me over an hour to do and I used to be assigned to it ALL THE FUCKING TIME.

    Are you fucking kidding me? No, we still do it all. Apparently right before I got here they got rid of back work then reinstated it. What the fucking fuck?

    • Almighty

      An hour to clean!! That is extremely illegal. An Applebees franchise got sued over that issue. The law at least in Texas is that as a tipped employee you can not be assigned more than 30 min of work at the declared beggining or end of your shift. If you are your employer must compensate you the difference in min wage. It sounds like Mo’s BC is in a more urban area where his managers bosses keep better tabs. FMT if your in a far from civilization location BC found whatever people were willing to work out there and the check ups on them are infrequent at best. The company I work for has several concepts out in west Texas. Ive visited a few of them and they are rough places.

      Yep, West Texas sucks balls compared to my old place. Can you provide me with proof of this 30 minute requirement? Because I found out today that the time I stayed nearly 2 hours after closing time because the other closer bailed was the work of none other than my GM. I will make damn sure he thinks it’s a big deal next time if I can prove to him that it’s unlawful to make me do that for $2.13 an hour.

      Although, what designates the end of my shift? When my last table leaves? I can’t work unless I’m on the clock, so after my last table leaves do I clock out and then clock in under a minimum wage job title? Oh, and I bet if I brought it up, management would start writing people up for taking too long to clean. It’s happened at this store before. We can’t win. They want us to roll silverware, clean our sections (and often many tables out of section) and do a shit ton of side work. Some nights we get off easy and others make it seem like I’m wallowing in a foreign prison. Last night when I had to clean the salad bar all by myself, I stood there trying not to sink into despair at how much I still had left to do. Then I had to will myself to not walk out. Then again when I found out the other closer left. He’s going to get his ass chewed this time, I made sure of it.

      • Beebs

        Can’t wait to read he post about that.

        About the bitching out or the write-ups for taking too long to clean? :)

        I really miss my old store. :(

    • Lobsterbotess

      yeah they had no back/side work when I started and then they brought it back I guess because they quit having the bussers and food runners do it…because they are SA’s now??.I HATE that fucking salad bar!!! You telll your manager about that crap….its like tonight- I walked in, its Friday night and the lunch crew had done zero….the salad bar was not stocked-no ice-nothin’….If our one good manager is not on-screw it! the place is mad cow chaos..

      We don’t have a problem getting work done after lunch shifts…it’s the dinner shifts that are bullshit. I’m usually out of there about 20 minutes after my last table leaves on lunch shifts. Dinner shifts, though….hell no.

  3. Kriss Judd

    The Applebee’s franchise being sued over it is absolute fact. I was a manager with a pizza chain, and we had to change how we paid our delivery drivers. When they were on the road, actually delivering pizza, they were paid a tip wage. When they were in the store, answering phones, doing side work, etc., they were paid the same as our inside crew. Definitely look into this one….you don’t want to be screwed out of money you should legally be paid.

    Yes, but just citing a current lawsuit probably won’t be effective when explaining this to a higher-up. I am keeping track of how long I do side work after my last table leaves, and the past two days it’s been at least an hour. I am considering giving corporate a nudge about this, but I don’t want it to result in retaliation by management. And it will, I can almost assure you. They will start saying you have to have your side work done AND your section cleaned 15 minutes after your last table leaves. That’s how it used to be before I got to this store. The reasoning? You can clean while you have tables. Except that’s not always possible, especially on a busy Friday night when the store looks like a bomb went off after the rush dies down. I kid you not, we all had four tables for 3-4 hours and then BOOM, we were all cut except for closers, and we all still had a few tables so between taking care of our tables and attempting to clean up what we could along the way…there is no way we could have completed our backwork AND cleaned our sections in 15 minutes. Hell, it took me 20 minutes just to clean up the disaster that my section was before I could even consider trying to do my side work.

  4. If it helps, your local workforce commission should have an FAQ about it. And it should be free.

    I’ll look into it after my closing shift today. Thanks!

  5. I’ve been reading on my phone but then forgetting to comment from my computer later! But I’ve been keeping tabs! Hang in there honey!!

    Thanks for dropping in, I love hearing from ya! :)

  6. Spritzy

    Yoinks! I really don’t understand why servers get paid so low. Considering how cheap-assed so many people are, it’s hard to make up wages in tips that are totally dependent on the customers who may stiff the tip despite flawless service. I really think servers should get paid more…maybe like $6 an hour…especially in places that do tip-sharing…why should your hard-earned tips be split with Slackyass McLazy who doesn’t do jack shit?

    It’s because the National Restaurant Association wants to keep server wages low. It means they have to pay them less and can saddle them with extra work to avoid paying someone else minimum wage. Servers don’t like this setup. Many of us would prefer a straight hourly wage with no tips – me included. I plan on addressing this in my book/booklet/whatever that I’m currently working on.

  7. kay

    I work bds at red lobster and go in at 11 and usually don’t get out til 11 or 12. No break. That’s what happens when you work in the ghetto. Its my first endless shrimp. I think I might snap at the assholes who come in 5 mins before we close and stay all night with a 2 dollar tip.

    I know how you feel. That’s how Chili’s used to be for me. I’m just glad that my BC isn’t busy enough to make people work without breaks on most days. What state do you live in? There are laws about requiring breaks in many states. Sadly, my home state Texas isn’t one of them. Yep, even if you work a 12 or 13 hour day.

  8. I’m not seeing a 30-minute rule anywhere, but I haven’t looked up any local workforce commission FAQ. I did find the Applebee’s case which is based off the Fair Labor Standards Act and the Dept of Labor’s 1988 handbook.

    I’ve included some links about the FLSA, which provides that an employee who spends more that 20% of her time on related duties in entitled to minimum wage.

    The amicus brief the DOL filed for the Applebee’s case. Go to section two below the argument highlighted in blue:

    Then there is also 29 C.F.R. § 531.56(e), which would seem to go against your 20% rule. But the amicus brief argues against that interpretation, as does the court’s decision in Fast v. Applebee’s.

    I also found a law review article explaining the case, as you probably don’t want to read the whole opinion. I would use the amicus brief for any further sources you need, unless you already found something locally.


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