Tuesday Tips (for Twits) #55

Here’s a tip:  Asking me a question about a menu item does not mean you have ordered it.

This happens more often than it should.  I approach the table for the drink order and someone has a question about the menu. That’s cool; that’s what I’m here for.  I answer their question, get their drinks, and come back for the food order.  I usually start with the person who had the question, just so that I have the opportunity ask if they have any other questions to help them make a decision.  I have a 50% chance of getting the normal person who simply places their order.

If I am unlucky, I get the asshole who looks at me like I asked an offensive question.  That person proceeds to curl his/her upper lip and sneer, “I already told you when you got our drinks.”

Uh, no you did not.  You asked a goddamn question about something.  If that meant you were ordering, I wouldn’t be back here asking what you want.  Believe it or not, some people don’t order the item they asked about, because my answer was informative enough for them to decide that the menu item in question is not what they want to eat.  How would you like it if you asked a question about several items and I proceeded to add all of them to your ticket because I assumed you wanted them?  I bet you’d be pissed and would demand that I lose my job over it.  So why would you expect me to assume that your question was an incognito order?

If you ask a question, I give you an answer; if you order food, I give you the food.  Learn the fucking difference, asswipes.


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4 responses to “Tuesday Tips (for Twits) #55

  1. That’s one thing I haven’t encountered, but I wouldn’t be surprised as to it happening. I did get a bunch of “You gave us the same problem the last time we were here” on my first day on the job.

    I’ve had that sort of thing too. “Oh, that’s strange, seeing as I didn’t even work here/was on vacation when you say you were here last…!”

  2. mo

    I always ask “Would you like some more time before ordering?” Usually the prevents people from acting stupid.

    When there are multiple people at the table, it doesn’t matter if I begin this way or not. The minute I ask the questioner what they want, they act all put out that their previous question didn’t count as an order.

  3. kay

    Yeah I get that a lot too. What I learned what’s easiest is taking the drink and food order all at once. Granted though you might be there awhile while they ummmmm and waste your time. That’s when you do the fake walk away and then they will order real quick. Lol

    I hate getting the whole order at once. We are supposed to bring drinks and biscuits out at the same time, then salads (and usually more biscuits). When I get the drink and food order for just one table it’s fine, but it does not fly when I have more than two tables. I need the extra time to check on my other tables before getting the drinks and bread out and in-between the drinks and salads. It sounds stupid, but if people get drinks and biscuits while they still have menus, they are less impatient about everything else. Getting the whole order at once means they sit without ANYTHING – food or drink – for a few minutes while I get it all. THEN they have to wait for salads after that. It’s all about perspective and forcing a perspective upon them. By bringing drinks and biscuits before they order food, I’ve convinced them that they are being taken care of and they won’t bother me for much else. If I take the whole order at once, I get bombarded with the “Where’s This?” game and I have to explain that I have to bring drinks first, then the other stuff. It’s amazing how the entire experience can be manipulated just by the timing of things.

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