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Hey guys,

I was just contacted by the guy who runs and I thought the idea was cool so I’m giving it a dedicated post.

From the creator:
I created [] so that waiters and bartenders could avoid training a new restaurant only to find out a week down the line that they’d be working all lunches, or it’s not flexible for actors, or there is no money to be made.
On my site, servers, such as yourself, will be able to see the reviews on a particular restaurant’s working conditions even before they apply.  It’s all the stuff that you eventually find out while training, only much earlier!
Who supplies the info?  Other servers and bartenders.
So, you see, I’m really relying on industry people to spread the word in order for this to work.

So, fellow servers, go visit the site and submit information on your current and previous places of employment. Everyone’s participation will be the key to the success of this idea. I think this is a wonderful idea, as it’s difficult to gauge what it’s really like to work at a particular restaurant until you actually work there. Some of us are fortunate enough to know someone on the inside, but even then how accurate will the information be?

I’ve been shafted by “friends” who told me to come work at their restaurant because it’s awesome, only to discover that it’s really shitty. They just wanted someone to share in the misery, and having a friend there made them feel less shitty…but shafted me in the process. So, in the interest of helping strangers, be honest in your submissions. You can help someone make the right choice for their needs; just be honest in your description of your workplace and let them decide what works for them.

This site looks well planned and there are already many entries. This is worth taking a look at, everyone. It’s not some HTML nightmare that a beginner programmed. In fact, it’s quite polished and looks easy to use. So go visit now and provide what information you can. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find somewhere better to work in the process.

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