Closing, Part I

Okay, I told you guys that I would tell you about my first closing shift.

You already know part of it if you read my post about Ms. Pink.  It started off with me getting my ass handed to me.  Then I kept getting shit tips, one after the other.  One table in particular really pissed me off.  They were super nice, told me I was awesome, I boxed everything up for them, I got them to-go biscuits and drinks, they talked to me for a minute…and then they left me a $2 tip on a $40 tab.  Fuck them with sandpaper.

Once first cuts were made it came to light that I was the only closer for main side, so I would have to check tables and assign back work.  In addition, I would have to reset and clean the front AND back when the store closed.  Fuck me.  But I checked tables and assigned back work.  Unfortunately, with fewer servers on the floor due to the new serving setup everyone has to do twice the back work every shift because there just aren’t enough hands to get it all done like before.  I only had five people besides me on main side, so they all had some pretty shitty back work.  And that was AFTER I decided to not be a bitch and do a chunk of it myself even though, as a closer, I technically am allowed to delegate all of it out to others.

I just want to reiterate here that I was not only doing twice the work because I was the only closer, but I willingly took on more cleaning responsibility just to ease the burden on my coworkers.  Never again.

Because here’s what happened: the bar side closer, Matt, came over and said that he knew why I was the only closer.  The other closer was placed on bar side with Matt, so Matt decided to close bar by himself (as normal) and have the other closer act as the second main side closer.  So I talked to the other closer – let’s call him Sean – and he agreed to check the front while I continued to assign and check back work.  Then, not 30 minutes later, Sean was cut.  Uh, what?  He pulled me aside and told me to continue to send people to him until he clocked out and that he would clean and check what he could before he left.  Since I had initially planned on being the only closer anyway, I agreed and didn’t think much of it.

Then, since it was just over an hour until close and we hadn’t gotten any tables in for-fucking-ever, I asked the girl manager what exactly I needed to do to close everything down.  I figured I would get a head start on the things I didn’t need to keep out, and start cleaning up the front.  She explained everything that needed to be done in the back, and I make a list in my book to make sure I did it all.  Then I asked what I should do for the front and she cocked her head slightly, wrinkling her forehead.

“Front?  But you’re the back closer.”

“Well, Sean was the other closer but he got cut for some reason so I’m doing it all now.”

“Uh.  No.  Just….” and she wheeled around, shooting off to the manager’s office.

I had tables to take care of, so I didn’t follow her.  I did, however, see her pull Sean into her office and I caught a snippet of what she said before the door closed.  “I see what you did there, and that’s not okay.”

Hmmmmm.  So it seemed that Sean wanted to go home instead of close, and finagled his way into getting cut even though he was a closer.  He still ended up leaving, though, so I’m not sure if he got in trouble, got a warning, got fired, etc.  Guess I’ll see if he works again this week.

Long story short, I still got shafted because I had to close the front and back.  I was there an hour and a half after closing time.  My last table left at 10:30pm, but it took me another hour to get everything cleaned up.  By comparison, regular back work  might take me 15 minutes.  Closing one side, maybe 20 minutes.  All of it?  Fuck. Me.  The worst part was that I got two tables at 9:30, right before our closing time of 10:00pm.  One isn’t worth mentioning.  I barely talked to them and they tipped decently.  They also left before ten.  The other….oh, Jesus.  What did I do to deserve that table?  I was so afraid that they were going to walk a $165 tab that I didn’t leave the dining room except when absolutely necessary, which meant that I couldn’t work on my back closing duties until they left at 10:30.

Sadly, now I have to go back to work my dinner shift; this was all I could type in my lunch break.  Check back on Friday for the story of my last table of the night.  It was fucking ridiculous.

Also, send good thoughts/wishes/prayers/fire dances my way because I have an interview tomorrow for an awesome job. Pray that I don’t fuck it up.


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6 responses to “Closing, Part I

  1. You’re not gonna fuck it up.

    I hope I didn’t. I don’t think I did. Guess we’ll see…!

  2. Sounds all a bit familiar! You got this though, Keep you head up

  3. Don’t fuck it up! :-)

    Haha! That sounds like something my sister would say. She’s awesome like that. And for the record, I don’t *think* I fucked it up, but I guess we’ll see when they get back to me.

  4. mo

    I work at BC too and all of us servers have been getting awful tips this week. Must be something in the water. The $10 off coupon doesn’t help either since most people tip AFTER the coupon…

    Agreed. Shit tips for me all week too. I made $66 on a closing shift. 6 fucking hours, not counting the hour after work that I spent cleaning. Shit.

  5. a random reader

    Sorry i just dont get the shitty tippers. Even if i am lead monkey on a 6 top i still fucking tip and tip well, make sure the other monkeys keep their shit together and dont waste our servers time. When the wife and i eat out we order, order quickly and ask for everything we need up front. At a particular tejas road kill steak restaurant they cannot cook my wife’s steak the way she asks. Every. Fucking. Time. She has to send it back. Why can’t the expo get this shit RIGHT and why is our server not fucking checking this shit????

    Regardless of the decent tips i leave i STILL KEEP GETTING MY SHIT FUCKED UP. I am routinely served the wrong fucking drink at whorebucks, even after i fucking shouted it into their fucked up speaker five times, got served fucking chopped brisket when i said SLICED brisket and ended up with a fuckity fuckstick fish sandwich when i said quite clearly i wanted a goddamn crawfish sandwich. And for this i tip 15 to 20%. Fuck me with a fucking chainsaw!!!!!!!

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