AutoGrat is for My Protection

Okay, my head is going to fucking explode.  I fucking HATE people.

I shared a large party with a coworker today.  They were celebrating a birthday AND anniversary.  They got great service; they said so themselves; there is no misunderstanding.  We were fucking awesome.

Time came for the check, and I asked if they needed it split so I knew what to print out.  The old lady handed me her card and said, “Oh, just one check.”  I had already added gratuity since their party was ten, well over the eight-person requirement to add grat.

“Oh,” she said, waving me back over, “will the check include your tip?”

“Yes, ma’am, gratuity is included.”

“Really? Why?”

Uh, maybe because you have ten fucking people and we want to make sure we don’t get royally screwed?

“Your party is ten people, and we add gratuity for eight or more.”

“Well, take it off.”

“…pardon me?”

“Take it off, I’ll tip you.”

Oh, suuuuuure you will.  If tipping me the appropriate amount is so important to you, you would let me add the goddamn gratuity.  That’s what it’s fucking there for: to make sure we get an appropriate tip.  “Don’t add gratuity, I’ll tip you,” is code for, “I’m a cheapass and don’t want to tip you that much.”

I had to ask my manager to take it off, and she looked puzzled.

I shrugged, “She insisted that she’ll tip us.”

“Sure she will,” the manager said, rolling her eyes.  “Sorry.”

There’s not much we can do if someone demands the removal of the gratuity.  It’s optional and is stated as such on the menu.  The law does not protect gratuity as mandatory payment, so they don’t legally have to pay it even if it’s added to the check.  It’s fucking bullshit.

Know what she left?  Ten fucking percent.  Which I then had to split with the other server.  Fuck you, bitch.  The old lady, not the other server.

That table was a terrible beginning to a terrible night; it only got worse from there.  I made $35 on the busiest Tuesday night I’ve ever worked, ever.  And that was after one table tipped me $16.  Mostly it was because I got screwed out of the large table in my section, which someone else had the whole night.  Oh, I got it back…right after we went off a wait and not another soul entered our doors.  Fuck tonight, fuck everyone who sat in my section (minus the $16 tipper), and fuck anyone who requests that gratuity be removed for any reason except the server spitting in their food.  Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you.


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12 responses to “AutoGrat is for My Protection

  1. that? Is BEYOND tacky. If she tipped you 30%, OK. But. . ..dude. Sucks.

  2. Can you not hassle your manager and point out that it was their decision that screwed you out of a decent tip?

    The manager has to take it off if the guest requests it. It’s not her fault.

  3. How do you put up with this crap

    By thinking, “I have a degree now. It might take a while, but I can find a better job. Stick it out; this job is feeding you right now.”
    Then I punch my pillow and scream when I get home.

    • a random reader

      At least you dont scream and punch your husband… Just saying.

      I’m sure he’s grateful. Though I do bitch about my customers so much that he must get bored of hearing the same old shit.

  4. I had no idea that assholes could actually request that the auto-grat be taken off! That’s probably one of the worst practices that I’ve EVER HEARD.

    If it’s added as a “service charge” I think it’s protected…but as gratuity or tip, nope. And it may vary state to state, but in Texas it is not mandatory.

    Anyone who requests the grat be removed after admitting the service was good, great, or awesome deserves to be punched in the face with a porcupine.

  5. Oh, I fucking HATED nights like that! I hope it’s the last one you have for a long time girl!

  6. I had no clue auto-grat could be removed by request. Isn’t it only like 18% anyway? I’m going to try that my next time out with a group, just to see what the server reaction is. Then we’ll leave more than that auto-grat!

  7. I’ve never had anyone request that I remove an auto grat. I’ve had them bitch about it while I smiled sweetly and pointed out places they could eat in the future if they don’t like to tip.

    Lately I’ve been more that a little pissed off at the tip system as it stands. Employers pay $2.50 (or less) an hour because servers get tips. However, employers will not stand up for servers when people want to stiff or cheapass them on the tip. Heaven forbid a server insist on a tip because s/he might run off business, yet from my standpoint, a cheapass complaining customer isn’t worth the space they take up.

    I’m so glad I’m getting cook’s wages plus tips now . My bosses won’t budge on the auto grat either. If a customer doesn’t like it, they can eat somewhere else in the future…or not sit together in a big group and run our asses off.

    Exactly. If they’re going to pay us less than minimum wage, we should have some protection on our tips. At the very least, protect the gratis we add on to large parties for Christ’s sake.

    Wish I had a boss that would tell customers to shove off.

  8. I’m so sorry to hear your restaurant won’t fight on your behalf for the autograt. I think restaurants pay tax on “service charges” but not on auto grats (obviously; we pay tax on gratuities.) If it is a service charge, it does not necessarily go to the server.

    Indeed, but some nice bosses use the service charge to ensure people can’t request the grat removal. I think gratuity on large parties should be mandatory. If service was terrible, THEN they can discuss removing it.

    My longest-time employer didn’t have any auto-grats for years. One manager, when she was new, fought him on it and won. She said, “My servers don’t work for free.” I could have kissed her.

    I wish my managers would tell our customers that I don’t work for free…

  9. Jenny Oh

    I always told people that it was no longer optional because to auto-grat some people and not others left the company open to lawsuits….then I would tell a “factual” bullshit story about how we had been recently sued over it and the people claimed that they were only auto-grated because of their race. You can away with that shit if the customer is white. Since I worked in the south (lots of racists down that way) it would somehow make the them feel a burst of white power about it and they would usually leave an additional tip. Fucking mouth breathers.

    If my manager heard me tell a table it’s no longer optional, I’d be fired. I do give the explanation of the “treat every large party the same to avoid lawsuits” because that’s what my GM told me, but some people are still “offended” that I added the grat. If you’re offended that I want to be paid for the work I did, I’ll tell you right where you can shove that pen I just gave you to sign your credit card slip…

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