Actors Read Yelp Reviews

Just saw this over at Undercover Waitress and couldn’t resist sharing!

If you’re like me, you look up reviews for products and stores before visiting.  If you’re smart (like me, of course), you take every review with a grain of salt.  Extraordinary reviews are probably not real, and really shitty reviews rarely have good cause.  Usually there are a few jackasses who think that an employee not smiling big enough is cause for a 1-star review, or that a change in packaging is ruining their lives.

Now, get ready….

An actor had the great idea to have other actors read these Yelp reviews aloud.  It’s fucking hilarious.  There are only two as of now, but I expect that more are on the way.  If you’ve ever thought, “What an entitled asshole,” when reading a review, get ready to see just how pretentious an actor can make that review sound.  It’s totally fucking awesome.

Undercover Waitress asked who they should cast as Springs1.  I vote for Sarah Jessica Parker because she’s a ditz, comes off as an entitled bitch, and probably doesn’t understand why the world doesn’t revolve around her.  Too bad she isn’t a few sizes larger; with how much ranch dressing Springs1 eats, I would imagine she weighs a little more than SJP.


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6 responses to “Actors Read Yelp Reviews

  1. I think she should be played by the girl on the reality show Hardcore Pawn. Entitled, ugly full of her own crap.

  2. I just saw these vids for the first time the other day. Fucking Brilliant.
    Springs1 claims she is a petite woman (i’ve had the misfortune of running into her posts more than a few times). With a diet that consists purely of iceberg lettuce, mozzarella sticks and ranch dressing, I think this is probably accurate

  3. yellowcat

    I have to hear these! I’m not sure SJP’s voice is annoying enough to be springs1.

    Who would you suggest?

  4. I just watched these and they are the funniest things I’ve seen in weeks. They HAVE to do a springs1 review. Rosanne Barr’s voice could be annoying enough.

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